Royal Steam
The first sauna in Almaty combining the "Lux" level
at affordable prices from 5000 tenge per hour.
All types of vaping, massage, and peeling services.
3 types of new apartments for up to 30 people.
Saunas are heated using the technology of hot jade stones with a furnace charge temperature of at least 500 ° C!
Spend time chatting with friends and family on Royal Steam.
Enjoy and relax...

We offer a wide range of leisure activities.
These are wellness, entertainment services and are calculated
for all lovers of quality rest, regardless of age and income.
Guests are offered professional karaoke and billiards, drinks of all kinds, separate lounges for entertainment, and the culinary masterpieces of European and Eastern cuisine of our Chef from Georgia will not leave indifferent even the most demanding gourmets ...
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Apartments "ZOLOTO" 5000 ₸ / hour
Apartments "SEREBRO" 6000 ₸ / hour
Apartment "VIP" 10 000 ₸ / hour
Cozy apartment with an area of 100 square meters, which includes: a guest room with a professional Hi-End karaoke system, a massage room, two separate bedrooms, a steam room with a clean and cool pool, the complex is equipped with heated floors and showers...
A luxurious sauna with an area of 120 square meters, designed for a company for 10 people, inside there is everything you need for a pleasant pastime, a large guest room, 2 separate lounges, professional karaoke and of course our legendary steam room ...
The flagship and pride of "Royal Steam" is an incredible spacious two-level sauna with high ceilings and crystal chandeliers, with a total area
270 square meters for 30 people. Decorated with a luxurious interior in the style of the Sicilian Mafia, on the second floor there is a professional billiard table, bar and karaoke, and the "cherry on the cake" is a top-class exhaling oven - epic
"Royal Steam" ...
Sauna billiards are closely intertwined with our delicious cuisine and drinks, and all this abundance is available to our visitors at any time of the day or night.
Spending time playing billiards is especially popular with our guests and adds a competitive spirit.
Quality billiard tables
It is no coincidence that the concept of the sauna is incorporated into the concept, we want you to spend time with friends, colleagues or business partners at the table of this wonderful game, making your stay with us even more varied.
Feel your inner rock star at the Royal Steam sauna karaoke.
With a repertoire of over 1000 songs, from classics to the latest hit parades, you can select your favorites using the electronic controller.
Therefore, those guests who are planning an evening of corporate meetings or want to relax in the company of friends, come and you will definitely find entertainment to your liking, whether it be a bathhouse, sauna, SPA or other types of recreation.
After a pleasant soak, plunge into the invigorating, temperature-controlled swimming pool found in each of our suites.
Sit back, enjoy a blissful massage and discover even more with our hot tubs.
They gradually lower the temperature and are designed to relax and improve circulation.
Our look at the tradition of vaping is a real treat for the body!
Massage and peeling. Massage deserves special attention. Experienced massage therapists know very well how different types of massage are performed. By signing up for a session with us, you can experience a unique pleasure. The peeling procedure has become no less popular. To do this, we employ experienced specialists who are well acquainted with the implementation technology, observing all relevant requirements. This approach directly in practice makes it possible to achieve the best results.
Choose from our exclusive selection of luxury massage treatments and spa packages to unwind from your daily chores.
Enjoy your luxury massage experience with our great deals and promotions.
Contact us to find out what offers we have and how you can use them
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When water and fire combine in a dance, a healing scent is born. But the real miracles begin as soon as the steam meets a bunch of oak or birch branches!
From ancient times to the present day, the unique secrets of bathing, the ritual of cleansing, healing and rejuvenating the body and soul have been preserved. Royal Steam revives true bathing traditions so that everyone can experience luxurious treatments that were once available only to princes and nobles! The wood-fired bathhouse is located in a quiet place in Almaty. The stone oven is already smoking and the birch twigs rustle.
We cordially invite you, dear guests!
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VIP sauna «Royal Steam» – An ideal place for those who are looking for a sauna in Almaty with impeccable service, combining luxury levels at affordable prices. A large selection of SPA procedures will pleasantly surprise you, and a professional massage will help you relax. You will forget about problems and worries and spend several hours enjoying the atmosphere of a real Russian sauna. Experience true bliss with the variety of treatments offered on Royal Steam.

SPA procedures, massage and peeling:
Our sauna employs professional massage therapists with over 20 different massage techniques. You can choose the best one for yourself and trust them, enjoying the pleasant warmth and aroma of natural oils. A massage in our sauna will delight men and women, beginners and sophisticated connoisseurs.

Wood hovering:

A real pleasure for those who want to relax not only with their soul, but also with their body. The skin after the sauna in combination with Russian steaming on the wood, where coniferous, birch, oak brooms are used and on a grass carpet, becomes soft, smooth and silky. Essential oils, relaxing music and a cozy atmosphere will help you relax and achieve peace of mind.

Own wells for supplying artesian water:

Artesian water from its own well, with round-the-clock filtration, is supplied to the sauna and swimming pool. Therefore, we guarantee our customers its availability always, regardless of the operation of the central water supply. Carefully monitoring its quality, we provide the best conditions for those who like to swim after the steam room.

Handmade stoves:

The unique technology of the steam room is our pride. Handcrafted ovens that have been designed with every detail in mind will make vaping safer and more enjoyable than ever. This procedure will not only cheer you up and help you relax after a long working week, but will also have a good effect on your health. After all, professional bath attendants working at Royal Steam know everything about how to make your vacation unforgettable.

Guarded parking:

You can relax in our sauna with pool without worrying about your car. After all, it can be left in a guarded parking lot, where our employees will carefully monitor it. The safety and comfort of our customers is paramount to us, therefore, outsiders cannot enter the private sector, and all cars are under reliable protection.

Bonuses and discounts for everyone:

We are ready to offer our regular customers especially favorable conditions, and those who visit Royal Steam among the first - a free discount card. It will allow you to save money by visiting our sauna in Almaty. This is not a complete list of bonuses that await our visitors.
Enjoy your steam, relax with us!
Chef "Royal Steam".

Gamarjoba friends! My name is Kakha, I agreed to go to Almaty without hesitation! We, Georgians, love the people of Kazakhstan very much and we know that this is mutual.
Acting professional chef "Royal Steam" and I will surprise you with author's recipes: oriental, local, Caucasian and authentic Georgian cuisine.
Without a doubt, the guests of the sauna will find truly delicious food from the peoples of the world - I will prepare mouth-watering, aromatic dishes from the freshest and most natural ingredients. Our large menu contains dozens of delicacies: meat, fish, hot meals, cold snacks, pastries, desserts.
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  • Who will be among the first to visit "Royal Steam" - free additional hours of an unforgettable holiday according to the 3 + 1 method
  • Particularly advantageous discount conditions for regular customers up to 30%
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