About the "Royal Steam" sauna

The private sauna of Almaty "Royal Steam" is located in one of the ancient districts of Almaty, not far from Sayakhat and the Green Bazaar. This is a place where everyone can relax with health benefits, enjoy delicious food and have a good time surrounded by friends and family.
We offer a wide range of services:
These are recreational, entertaining types of leisure and are designed for all lovers of quality recreation, regardless of age and income.
Guests are offered for entertainment: a pool with artesian water from their own well with round-the-clock filtration, a billiard room, a PlayStation, a professional karaoke studio, drinks of all types and brands, and the culinary masterpieces of our Chef from Georgia will impress even the most demanding gourmets.
Our "Royal Steam"
Royal steam is obtained from a furnace of hot jade stones. When water is dispensed, a unique steam is produced with a characteristic pop sound, rather than the usual hiss. To the delight of our guests, only advanced handmade ovens with a charge temperature of at least 500 ° C with self-ventilation technology were installed.
"Bonuses and Discounts"
Despite the royal scale and impressive color, the sauna was built primarily for people.
We do not rent premises and can afford to pamper our guests with the most affordable prices in Almaty. We offer our regular customers especially favorable discount conditions up to 30%, and those who visit Royal Steam among the first - free additional hours of an unforgettable holiday according to the 3 + 1 method.
In addition, there is a temporary promotion: Get a 25% discount when visiting our Saunas from Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 to 16:30, and this is not a complete list of bonuses that await our dear visitors. To keep abreast of current promotions, follow us on Instagram.

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